CAB where she differs!

Ramesh Pandey

Ramesh Pandey – Principal

The focus of College of Applied Business is to prepare students be active in life until fifty years hence, and remain successful, independent and self-reliant. For this objective, she has adopted diverse teaching standard and pedagogies continuously for the last eighteen years. Here she not only teaches how to pass, but also encourages the students how to be high percentile, encourages as well to develop intra-personal communication efficiency through fieldwork, mass communications, etc under regular presentation programs. She provides ample relaxing hours to them so that the need of study shall not haunt them unlike many other colleges. She does not teach six days a week but runs classes for four days. Under this program, she does not teach all five subjects (papers) required in a semester, but limits to two to three (classes) only as far as possible during the four days, which relaxes them to spend their time for personal utility purposes. Her results, by far from any standard, are highly motivating, and about 80% of her undergraduates looking for jobs in place of higher studies are absorbed in different prestigious local/global organisations. Her product, in this manner, is greatly successful to distinguish themselves, be it higher education or job placement. She welcomes all those students looking for undergraduate degree of a different trend. The study cost at CAB is relatively cheaper and has higher standard by any terms.