Bachelor in Information Management (BIM)

CAB offers four-year (eight-semesters) undergraduate course in Information Technology of Tribhuvan University (TU). The Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) is an integrated course with a blend of Management education with recent developments in Information Technology.

CAB plays a frontal role among the TU affiliated institutions as the drive to changes in the teaching pedagogies. These changes in techniques have enabled CAB to run BIM program effectively and have brought a rich dividend to CAB. The results of BIM students have been outstanding among similar TU affiliates.
Besides, as IT professionals are in high demand all over, students graduating from this program will have the option for a highly paying professional career straightaway.

After completing this program students can join Master’s degree in Business Management / Information Technology in all universities the world over.

Course cycle 
First Semester15 Credit Hours
ENG201: English Composition3 Credit Hours
IT 211: Computer Information System3 Credit Hours
IT 212: Digital Logic Design3 Credit Hours
MGT201: Principles of Management3 Credit Hours
MTH201: Basic Mathematics3 Credit Hours
Second Semester15 Credit Hours
IT 213: Structured Programming3 Credit Hours
IT 214: Data Communication and Computer Network3 Credit Hours
MGT204: Business Communications3 Credit Hours
MTH202: Discrete Mathematics3 Credit Hours
SOC201: Sociology for Business3 Credit Hours
Third Semester15 Credit Hours
ACC 201: Financial Accounting3 Credit Hours
IT 215: Web Programming – I3 Credit Hours
IT 216: Java Programming – I3 Credit Hours
IT 217: Computer Organization3 Credit Hours
STT201: Business Statistics3 Credit Hours
Fourth Semester15 Credit Hours
ACC 202: Cost and Management Accounting3 Credit Hours
ECO 201: Microeconomics3 Credit Hours
IT 218: Data Structure and Algorithm with Java3 Credit Hours
IT 219: Web Programming – II3 Credit Hours
IT 220: Database Management System3 Credit Hours
Fifth Semester15 Credit Hours
ECO 202: Macroeconomics3 Credit Hours
IT 221: Computer Graphics3 Credit Hours
IT 222: Java Programming – II3 Credit Hours
IT 223: Advanced Internet Working3 Credit Hours
MKT201: Fundamentals of Marketing3 Credit Hours
Sixth Semester18 Credit Hours
FIN 201: Business Finance3 Credit Hours
IT 224: Software Engineering3 Credit Hours
IT 225: Computer Security and Cyber Law3 Credit Hours
IT 351: Summer Project3 Credit Hours
MGT 202: Human Resource Management3 Credit Hours
MGT 206: Business Environment in Nepal3Credit Hours
Seventh Semester18 Credit Hours
IT 226: Management Information System3 Credit Hours
IT 227: Object Oriented Analysis and Design3 Credit Hours
IT 228: Artificial Intelligence3 Credit Hours
MGT 203: Organizational Behavior3 Credit Hours
MGT 205: Operations Management3 Credit Hours
MGT 208: Business Strategy3 Credit Hours
Eighth Semester15 Credit Hours
IT 229: IT Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management3 Credit Hours
IT 230: Economics of Information and Communication3 Credit Hours
Elective I3 Credit Hours
Elective I3 Credit Hours
IT 350: Internship3 Credit Hours

Eligibility for admission in BIM is a minimum 60% marks in aggregate in Plus-Two or PCL in management or equivalent in any other discipline. CAB takes Business Maths compulsory for making an applicant eligible.

Class Hours
Summer Timing:                                    Winter Timing:
10:00AM-04:45PM                        10:00AM-04:30PM