Annual, Tuition fees, Late Registration and Withdrawl


BIM / BBA / BScCSIT Semester Fee:
The following semester fee is payable at the time of admission (Non-refundable):

Admission fee15,000---------------------15,000
Semester fee30,00030,00030,00030,00030,00030,00030,00030,000240,000
Tuition fee30,00030,00030,00030,00030,00030,00030,00030,000240,000
Student Council1,000---1,000---1,000---1,000---4,000

At the end of ongoing semester, final date of admission for the coming semester will be announced. The admit card for the semester examination will accompany with the admission details, which will be binding. Students failing to get admission on the due date shall have to pay a fine of Rs. 1000 for the first 7 days, and Rs. 4000 thereafter.

BBS Fee Structure 
The following annual fees are payable at the time of admission (Non-refundable):

Admission FeeRs. 15,000---------Rs. 15,000
Annual FeeRs. 40,000Rs. 40,000Rs. 40,000Rs. 40,000Rs. 160,000
Tuition FeeRs. 48,000Rs. 48,000Rs. 48,000Rs. 48,000Rs. 192,000
TU ServicesRs. 2,500Rs. 2,500Rs. 2,500Rs. 2,500Rs. 10,000
Student CouncilRs. 1,000Rs. 1,000Rs. 1,000Rs. 1,000Rs. 4,000
TotalRs. 106,500Rs. 91,500Rs. 91,500Rs. 91,500Rs.381,000

College will raise a bill for the whole year at the time of admission. The annual fee, admission fee and other fees shall be payable on the date of admission. However, the tuition fee may be paid in advance on monthly/quarterly installments. Tuition fee being paid in next quarter will be liable to a fine of Rs. 1000 for the first 15 days, and Rs. 4000 thereafter. Non-payment of tuition fees for two successive quarters will result into automatic cancellation of registration.

Withdrawal and Refunds

Students / Parents are requested to consider well before payment of admission fees to the college. Payments made once are non-refundable. CAB shall not entertain any reason put forward for cancellation/withdrawal