Guidance and Counseling

The purpose of academic counseling is to assist students to realize their educational goals through the development and implementation of a personal academic program. Academic counseling encompasses academic learning, personal and professional development. Personalized teaching at CAB will give students an in-depth understanding of subjects taught, and therefore, relieve them from the pressure of seeking eleventh hour extra tuition at considerable cost.
Students are assigned individual Academic Counselors at the time of admission into the college. Also, they will regularly interact with their counselors throughout their stay at the College. Counseling sessions are expected to help the students to:

  • Understand CAB, its ideals, standards, policies and procedures, and resources for students;
  • Understand and appreciate his or her abilities, strength, potentiality and interest; and
  • Select and make progress towards a career by integrating information about the world of work and occupational choice with an appropriate academic program.